by Farida Samerkhanova
He remembered dancing in the rain in Prague
The rain came after several weeks of unbearable heat
He remembered himself working as a cashier in the superstore when he was eighteen
A young woman was checking out and all she bought was two bras – one was pink and the other was white
He blushed because it was the first time he touched a bra
He remembered the disappointment he experienced when he saw a man kissing his brother’s wife in a parking lot not far from his home
He remembered his trip to the top of the Twin Towers in Manhattan in 1994 when the elevator took him to the 107th floor in 60 seconds
He remembered names of the actors from his favourite show Boston Legal
He remembered swimming in the pool of the Sheraton hotel in Downtown Toronto
Snowflakes were falling on his face because half of the pool had no roof
He remembered the white sand at the Black Sea coast not far from Albena
He remembered the lights in the surgery room and the voice of the anaesthetist
He remembered the taste of the lime honey
He remembered the pain after he fell of the bicycle in the village when he was ten and hurt his elbow
He remembered the name of his first grade teacher
He remembered his mother’s dress in the old black and white photograph framed by his father
He remembered the rainbow above Niagara Falls on a sunny day in the summer of 2000
He did not remember the color of her eyes

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  1. Between its repetitive structure and the precise imagery that brings it to life, this poem is a wonderful evocation of memory that sets up its own poignant failure at the end. My first reaction, when finishing the poem, was that the final line was almost too perfect, somehow diminishing the poem as a whole. But then it stuck with me – emotionally resonant and true to life. Very nice.

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