by Dr P Fenderson
Sometimes I look behind the vinyl chairs before I sit down
not trusting that something might not be there
like treasure chests filled with apathy
or cookie jars – or matrimony
I let this wall come in to play
as if, in my deluded mind, it would not be expected to hear the voices
the heads bowed, cloakfacedarkness{}peaceunderstand, o O O O 1
movement two
hush now
breathe in quickly fire breath displace
the snake circuit mandala oroborus
the breath fire balancing him
aPathy .a. NO! Out
circle the three
hail jörmungandr hail eris
Don’t think badly of me, it is not my fault that the circle comes this way
you saw the end and then the wheel turned over and here we are again
remember the past forget the now creating the future
and reverse
reverse and
creating the every single tiny droplet of blessed light this god this circle this spiral
cthon – aha! BLISS|SSILB !aha – here we are again at the beginning of our lives the beginning of the none the circle the circling drainspirals upward bringing us up the elevator
top floor Please? Please center yourself, good sir. Be kind enough to love every thought arising from that coiled serpent.
It will be good,
It shall be so
So say we all
And you were beginning to believe me.
You mustn’t
Believe me
in the beginning which is the end which is
.believe me.
Here comes the puzzle here comes the edge REACH! AND THERE!

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  1. mmm. Timelord of H & H, Dr. P. Fenderson chimes in with another experimental poetic algorithm–love it!
    In this day and age of formulaic sound-bite 7-liners with everyday speech hodgepodgeled amidst requisite semi-abstract metaphors that ties into the title which alludes to the en vogue academic word with invisible underlining reinforcing the theme of determinism in an epistemological ball-pit at a fast-food joint where the shake machine is down and all the workers are big-breasted immigrants and then when you lift your cataracked eyes from dancing letters, you find yourself imagining the smoke and mirror references with lasers blown up your ass torturing confessions from the plumber’s apprentice bequeathing fortune-cookie wisdom on a flash card on a tax-return from an automated phone message with a British accent who spells it out in braile at a Carnival in Brazil and magic markers your whole life-story by circling every 3rd word in the book of Deuteronomy….
    ….this piece is so refreshing as i drink my coffee and hot chocolate mix in cold milk whilst eating Goldilocks garnished porridge with Brown sugar and soul sista flapjack ‘i can’t fuckin’ believe it’s not hot damn buttah!’.
    It’s truly amazing when the voices of our deluded minds can have a convention. Fabulos-O use of words, letters, abbrev. punc. inverted backwards all-of-the-above and thought, and the understanding that spoon-fed is fed-uppity.
    “Here comes the puzzle here comes the edge REACH! AND THERE!”
    Thx for sharing, sir!

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