Coffeeshop and Conversations

Coffeeshop and Conversations
by Ankur Shrivastava
Yesterday, as you poured the coffee
in your polka-dotted apron, smiling,
I again told myself about
things best left unsaid.
Today, when you’re no longer here,
I wonder if you ever guessed
by the way I used to leave a coin,
hidden, under layers of napkin.
Tomorrow, when I visit your new place,
(I don’t know yet) I won’t have anything to say.
Yet I want you to know that
the coffee was always good.

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  1. ahhh. The things left unsaid. Sometimes life works better in the stalemate of some unspoken borderlands between alarm clocks and unicorns. These are the kind of situations where you want more but end up settling for less and then you realize, or want to believe, that that’s as good as it gets. There are so many dynamics of human interaction that it’s just too mind-boggling to navigate these waters and still enjoy the happy blue skies! But is this reservation brought on by a nagging doubt of reluctance and pessimism, or from an enlightened perception of the ‘parts’ we play and merely a ‘taking solace’ in the small beautiful tidbits life may proffer? In a way, it seems like sustenance on bologna, but if it weren’t for that bologna, surely we would wither away into nothingness.

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