she looked like she was on drugs.

she looked like she was on drugs.
by Cerebella
harpsichord of chainsaw fight
shatter on the carpet tonight.
we killed him dead
we fucked
and bounced on fluffy clouds
one right in my mouth
tough as tree-bark
mean as snarl.
buttery sunshine
giving my brain a heart attack
divine the hexagon skeleton,
milk my teete between your teeth
caught between a yellow and railroad stripe,
i walk the world to dance, all right
fox of the
dischorded woody instrument
in my toxic
living room
put together a poem for me
to help me decide

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  1. i think i wrote this maybe six months ago and forgot it in my drafts. i haven’t written in a while. can’t remember how. glad to see there’s hope for me yet. thanks, missie nerr.

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