blanket medicine retold

blanket medicine retold
by Smokey Farris
Right now I just want to collect my coordinates
from which I fell from the sky.
I have a hurt body, a wanting heart
and wings so giant this sky is too small to fly in.
The spirits dance with me and all the stale donuts are jewels.
The princess rides high on her unicorn horse, with four sabers.
One for peace among all people.
One for the guarantee of lava, life and fucking.
One for the consumers, and one for the Oscules peoples.
I remember when the lord pulled off my crown,
I was sitting in a park in Two Times.
One: a blanket where I fell from my feet,
There were a thousand wooden stickers and tiny flowers underneath.
There were cameras and silent disappearance playground toys.
There was an alter of ruin scattered aside,
A fragrance of spring and snow.
Molten lovers finally alone,
together flying and burning.
Ancient squirrels circling and fucking.
Tired cocks baking on the altar,
asking, “What to do with the holy ash?”
The universe was a naked beast
climbing a ladder growing in size.
They kept growing
until they were smaller than ever before.
They were late in the scriptures
and the lovers had less time,
time lasted forever and they lived a million years in one day.
When the feast came to pass
and the ears had been filled with her voice,
My ear was a hole to throw words in.
My tongue fire and sparks that burnt the dress of the blue princess,
who was the color of the sky,
and her hair was a billion rainbows.
Kissing her meant reaching for the moon,
and the wolf grabbed it down in a fading bite,
Bringing it back to earth in pieces.
The lady tiger jumped off the back and the saddle shoulders
And knelt down in prayer.
She quilted the sharp skies of the night before,
that will last forever and that will never be again,
I walk on this earth for the last time,
the stars, diamonds in the morning embrace,
flashed out once, for one glance,
and the rocks were all that was left.
I am remembering this from the voice to the spirits.
Along Bear Creek and along Fulkey Gully,
like magic and like
deer and like wolf.
There were “Beware of Dog” signs oozing from the ground
Flaky geese from a thousand years ago were among the swaying plants.
There was nothing but rocks and sand and ice longer than there was life
There was lonely starvation and an end to worlds.
There was one last customer being born, among the shadows.
There was innocence and holy screaming.
She screamed, “fuck” and “shit” and “fucking fuck”.
I screamed “mutherfuckin shit!”
They were cussing like angels,
Flowing down the road and they were flying
while people watched by the old tennis courts.
dancing and swirling and breathing for two, breathing like the ocean.
Interrupting like the twin fountains.
You make me feel like the creek rippling.
He crashed and cut out his muscles.
They baked plastic on to their sharp claws
and slashed at each others skin
until they were one
in a pool of blood.

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