O Magazine dedicates April issue to poetry.

O Magazine dedicates April issue to poetry and includes and interview with recluse, Mary Oliver.
When I heard that Oprah had selected Maria Shriver to guest edit O magazine’s April poetry issue, and that the issue would feature Mike Tyson and Ashton Kutcher talking about poetry, eight rising poets modelling spring fashions, such as a $2,757 sequined cardigan and a $1,296 pencil skirt, and an “intimate and revealing interview with the famously private Mary Oliver,” of course I had to investigate. Here are my findings: According to Lisa Israel, an O publicist, “Oprah and Maria Shriver had a sleepover, and talked about random things, as girls do” and the conversation turned to poetry and the influence it’s had on their lives. Shriver asked her friends Kate Capshaw and Bono to quote their favorite poems for a feature called “ Poetic Souls.” Other celebrity contributions include: Matt Dillon on W. B. Yeats, Sting on Ted Hughes, James Franco on Louise Glück, and Demi Moore on Tennyson. The O poetry issue is not, I repeat, not the place to go looking for new, original work (except one reader-submitted poem in the letter-from-the-editor section), but it does feature eight “rising poets” in fashion shoots.

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