“Owl Cave” Teleplay

“Owl Cave” Teleplay
by Dirk Michener
Scene 24 Episode 17- occurrence at owl cave
The tattoos matched up, the leg and the back
Each indication revealed itself anew
A rather poignant smell began to seep thru the doorway
Papers in the room began to turn yellow and crackled
The ringing telephone’s pitch shifted 3 octaves lower
A moth on the wall fluttered over to my hand and landed
It began to gently scratch with its tiny moth mouth
No sooner had it started scratching than I could feel a slight pain from the spot
I brushed off the moth and it winged its way toward the lamp
There was pin-prick of blood on the moth spot and it began to itch
I licked the spot of blood and a slight swelling like a sting manifested
The swollen spot grew to the size of a dime and started drying out and flaking
Flaking became cracking then the wound opened, but no fluid came forth
Rather several dozen silver beads about the size of BB’s
I put the beads from my hand into a shot glass I bought at the top of Pike’s Peak
Antiseptic and bandages on the wound, which still was not bleeding
My cousin Greg came into the room
He asked if I had any water so I gave him a glass full
Greg drank the water and thanked me then asked if I had any liquor
I proceeded to explain to him what had just happened with the moth and all
He looked at the shot glass, filled the rest of it with southern comfort and drank the concoction in one drink and told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about
I carefully took off the bandage on my hand
The swelling and cracking had completely subsided
The spot where the wound was had now become a mark, like a flower
It was dark brown like a mole and about the size of a 50 cent piece
The flower had 8 petals
Greg looked at it and said I should get it removed
I thought of all the laser process and laser removal surgery ads I had seen on billboards
It seemed like a safe enough process
Scene 23 episode 17: Occurrence at Owl Cave
At the laser surgeon’s office I was waiting for over 2 hours
Many extremely fat women and men were also in the waiting room
The surgeon looked and prodded at the mark and suggested I have a skin doctor look at it
2 weeks later my appointment with the skin doctor arrived
The skin doctor wanted to run some tests on the mark
1 week later the doctor calls me up and tells me to drive over and look at the results
Downtown the doctor tells me the mark needs to be removed as a health precaution
2 weeks later the day for my skin surgery arrives
The doctor gives me a general anesthetic
The blackness of heavy sedation ensues
Deep non-dreams shot into total unconsciousness
Afterwards there’s a cut on the edge of my mouth
My mother swore that I had done that to myself and to just take the medicine and it would be fine to lay back and listen to the television from downstairs on Saturday night
Eventually the cut healed and the flower marking was gone
3 weeks later the doctor calls me on the phone saying he has something important to tell me

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