by Edgar Rider
The First reason for security cameras was because of the beautiful bartenders. The sign on this restaurant nicknamed the Works should have read Burgers, Beers and Babes. I wasn’t allowed to bartend, even with my Bartending Academy degree, which declared me  a certified mixologist.. The reason they gave me was that my social skills were not up to par. They put the hot girls behind the bar to draw more attention.
Sometimes barflies would get thirsty. The girls would sit at the end of the bar reading a magazine ignoring the patrons request. The girls would say , “Get it yourself.” The next thing we would notice the patrons would shrug there shoulders, walk behind the bar and help themselves. This incident was only a precursor to management having to catch on.
The second reason was because of us, working in the kitchen, we were also goofing around. I started hanging out with a new employee. Me and the rest of the crew affectionately called him Illegal Isaac. We would hang out at the bar after closing and for some reason, the owner  trusted me to lock up.  We tapped the kegs  and drank every new drink available Mudslides and Margaritas. This was 1997 the year of the war between WCW and WWF. We would argue about who was better. I was not happy  at my job and saw a bleak future for myself.
“The world is coming to an end.” I said
“YES it is.” Illegal Isaac said as he looked at the television perplexed. “ Hulk Hogan just became a bad guy.”
We were in shock as the Hulkster turned his back on his legion of Hulkamaniacs. Once the shock factor wore off,  we were hooked and couldn’t wait to see who Hollywoood Hogan would spray paint next.
At my job ,we were either the bad guys or the good guys depending on your perception. I say this mainly because we  stole a lot of beer and one could argue we were either getting back at the management or just delinquent bitter employees.
The third reason and most significant was the infamous “Salad Bowl Incident”. We spent our nights arguing with each other and the days arguing with customers. There was one particular customer who was extremely rude. We decided he would be our example. He ordered a salad bowl and acted as if every question we asked was an invasion of his privacy.
Illegal Issac asked him.”Do you want cheese on that?”
“No. No. No.” He answered every question becoming more and more infuriated because he was to busy talking on his cellphone and was seemingly convinced that every forthcoming question was a continuing invasion of his privacy.
He walked over to the cash register and I was  more then willing  to make an example out of him. He waited for a minute. I said, ” You were not nice to my friend. Apologize.” Me and Illegal Issaac took a stand. We would not let this customer have his salad. “I will not give you your salad until you apologize.”
“I will not apologize.”
“You were rude.”
“No I wasn’t.”
Illegal Isaac chimed in. “Yes you were.”
We continued the verbal tug of war over a salad bowl. I put the salad bowl on the table he reached for it I grabbed it back.
“I want to speak to the manager.” The customer said reaching the boiling point.
“I am the manager.” I replied even though I really wasn’t
Eventually I relented and gave him his salad feeling confident that I had  already worsened his day. It seemed like no coincidence, after these three incidences, that several days later security cameras were installed in every room and every area.


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