I am amused

I am amused
by Leslie Michel
I am amused. This evening I wrote a wicked twisted response. After posting the thing, more and more related mayhem rushed river-like over the rocks in my mind.
Holywrite-water, Rantman!
Maybe this has something to do with the cocktail I’m drinking: a can of GoGirl with 2 shots of Sky vodka. A splendid new inspirational beverage! This elixir is 21st Century Absinthe! If only it phosphoresed under black light- I’d forever live in rapture…
Here’s my mind adulterated composition:
“You had a gruesome gnarly bitch of a full moon! Bleah. In analogy: the level of psychic road rash your poor cerebellum encountered between work (rock) and home (hard place) this week is a fresh 12 by 12 inch sheet of #12 grit Aluminum oxide sandpaper, set where the quilted Charmin double roll usually is. Why NOT fuckin’ Squeeze it first? Who’s wagging that finger scolding, “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin?”
Hind sight is always 20/20; Butt once your hiney’s back to happy pink, laugh. And fantasize about ways to set that finger straight…”
Sets your mind reeling, eh? I wonder if it is the 1200mg of Taurine? Oh! Behold another moment of Absinthian GoGirl repose…
“I am so aware that all objects are alive. Life does not require respiration. How could an amoeba perceive ocean tides. Humanity uses mathematics as proof “weightless” electrons zip zoom through atomic structure. God plays with divine legos of matter on the periodic table of elements.
EveryThing we see and don’t see lives! Has a story! That groovy dresser has come aboard to share with you, as you will share yourself with it.
I’ll describe my Jello World reality in brief: it is feeling all is one big complete life, where eons of geologic time is momentary sigh.
Good moving… It’s exciting. creative. celebratory. inspiring!”

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  1. Go you Absinthian Go-Girl! I love this! From the 1st to last line–it’s Pop Rocks crackling consciousness taking a stab at metaphysics lavoratory composition of ‘Jello World Reality’. I can’t help but have a rare Shakespearean thought attack while reading this! I am more than amused–I am bemused–not confused–but merely ‘exciting. creative. celebratory. inspiring!’ INFUSED! thx!

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