Review of Get Low

The bad dudes from “Deliverance” once ran away squealing from Robert Duvall. Robert Duvall went down to Georgia and stole Charlie Daniel’s fiddle.
Truth be told, Robert Duvall, is the backwoods equivalent of Chuck Norris. Rather, his character in “Get Low” is the larger than life legend. Felix Bush is a hermit with a mule, a shotgun and a secret. For 40 years, he’s lived in a cabin with ghosts and crickets while small town rapscallions tossed rocks through his windows and gossips told tall tales about the half-cocked kook up the road.
Actually, “Get Low” is apparently based on a real tall tale about an actual Tennessee recluse who threw his own funeral back in the 30s while he was still alive. And it’s brought to the big screen as a twangy, rustic little indie flick by Director Aaron Schneider, winner of a 2004 Oscar for Best Short Film.
After four decades of scaring kids (and their folks) like an old bear with a thorn in its paw, Bush shows up at the funeral home of Frank Quinn (Bill Murray), the rare snake oil salesman with a half a heart. The conscience of the operation belongs to his assistant, Buddy (Lucas Black), a young family man not lacking in compassion or curiosity, Bush wants the town to spin the best (or worst) campfire yarns they can about him. He even sells tickets to raffle off his property.
But it’s clear from the get-go that the whole to-do is much more than a sideshow with a coffin. Felix has a secret to tell the town, if he can just find the words and the will.
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