Cut half moon light, I’d rather sleep out side memories

Cut half moon light, I’d rather sleep out side memories
by Smokey Farris
Is your lovers eye inside your body and mind,
is she in your visions with radiant beads?
Pearl necklace strain and tension in the trees,
and insane voice in the tepid silence.
The wind will come in and blow all these trees and leaves around.
The wind will come and blow.
Blow into the tiny psychedelic cigarette end,
the devil’s face, some might say.
Burning ember on the ground with black rainbow beams,
turning off in faster and faster decay.
If you watch the cold time;
If you say, “shhh”, with the opossum coming up for catfood.
You say “shhh” for your soulmate,
for the half moon through the half clouds says “shhh”
And the snake lives with a pleasing apparatus image of a toenail on its
Slithering bright green dream in my brain.
I feel my arms and my thoughts coming around.
The senseless demon coming into focus, at the crossroads gate.
The circle fence beyond, with teams of multiplying helpers
moving it about and out beyond defining the perimeter.
I call out to the helpers before they move too far to see and hear,
Will this help prepare the circle, or catch the grace in the act?
It helps to imagine the hull of the ship and its yours to keep together
the textured wood planks.
Its up to god to keep the wood together,
and up to god to keep the spirits together
that bind and define the atoms and particles and so on and so on.

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