by Frank Scarangello
Lindsay got 120 days and she’s sorry and
she’s holding on to Shawn and
Snooki looks so hot now that she lost weight and
Lorenzo’s kid got busted twice for snortin and
teen mom’s baby daddy wants to be a rap star and
Michael says he wired cash to Dina and
Jada wore some very short shorts and
Kate got engaged to Matt and
Megan flashed her midriff. Such a show off but
Dianna A. flashed her panties in Times Square and
did you see Miley’s bathroom twitpic and
wasn’t Born This Way just the best of Glee and
how could they vote her off A. I. and
did you see Kirsty’s flop? What a tub and
what about little Suri’s shining moments and
Fergie won’t be judging X-Factor and
Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are way cool and
you can follow all their tweets and
Kim has the greatest ass
and Harvey the lawyer
made his fortune and
the twenty somethings want to be famous
for being famous and
wonder what they can do to go viral and
when they get together they all look down and
talk with their thumbs and
never say a word.

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