by Matt Ronquillo
A pioneer at forefront
Once hanging from a hook in a void room
Trying to fit abstract, revolving patterns into other ones
Now thrashes perpetually in the wake
Darling smiles cracked at skies receding
Red dragging him instead of forward movement
Toward all-revealing horror glimpses
Vague as a state that keeps going and then suddenly doesn’t
Like violence. Its reflection.
The waves against obsidian rock
The one he chose to manifest
Boring itself into the cave

0 thoughts on “Viola

  1. OMG, matt ronkillah and shannon baker in one week? i couldn’t be e-happier. this is great, glad to see he’s been inspired by his journies.

  2. i think this is inspired by a dream you once told me you had, where you were you in the meat locker and felt the hook in your heart. viola, i have an old lady neighbour named dat shit. it’s an overlooked string. maybe because it’s so tinnnnny. maybe it’s not overlooked in japan.

    1. Jakarta, not Japan, you goon. I’ve been reading your stuff. Everyone’s, but I’m strapped for time out here so I don’t comment as much as I should. I don’t want to drop any half assed lines on your collective magic. But, anyway, the first part yeah is based on that dream, and how it relates to my friend (Justin Viola), who is the one in the picture. He went and checked out of this bitch too early so I wanted to hand him a few dedication lines. That’s what this is about.

  3. yeah duh i know jakarta, the japan reference was because violas are tiny and everything in japan is tiny even the penises are tiny. (i’m generalising) YOU’RE A GOON i like the picture, i was actually waiting for you to say that was you. i read again. you really painted this beautifully. hope you’re chillin. boy would you appreciate what happened to me the weekend. <3

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