Over that is over and over

Over that is over and over
by Jim Benz
Having surpassed the time for comprehending the moment of concluding,
it is the moment for concluding the time for comprehending. Otherwise,
this time would lose its meaning.
–Jacques Lacan

they are aware
made intelligible, small town
of the singular
mind in the hooded concrete
and the swept floors
the generic
workman bones, but with a feeling
of the timeless
and a fine black thread
stone love stone
they appear
to emerge, talked for an hour
with copies
of the absolute, talked
of the blank page
they recited
gathered and dismembered
clusters of ur-speech
and Hegel whispering
in their ears
spoke of the voiceless
value, attached to the surface
of a missing limb
they tried to disguise
on the threshold
credulous people
their blue-shirt
the brain-swinging
in which they clump
measured by rightness
a world of sense
the pure form
of this conception
neither cognized
nor defineable

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