Scheduled For Pavement Milling

Scheduled For Pavement Milling
by Theresa Magario
the garbage trucks go lurching by
with all the sound and stinking effect of elephants
being driven by a whip cracking muscled persian warlord
i hear what could be pterodactyls circling over ten eyck & union
but nothing is ever seen of their paranoia shadows on the ground
so no one scuttles and huddles to the parked car boulders
fridays have the air-raid pouring out into the sunset it’s stand-to:
grab your shotguns. zombies are at the walls of brooklyn. again.
when rain falls graffiti scrawl glows at you from the brick and concrete
those runes have their strongest influence when the east river is high

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  1. i read this to my boyfriend who lived in brooklyn on and off for many years, letting him know in advance it’s not shitty poetry, although i hope he trusts my judgement of this by this point. he said ‘dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn. that is good.’

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