the silhouette

the silhouette
by Corn Mo
When Josephine finished dinner, she would take
her plate, hold it high, and her boyfriend, Jacob,
would shoot a hole in it.
“Good girl!” he would say and then make love to
her on the table and whisper in her ear,
“You’re in the clean plate club. And I love you.”
This happened at dinner many times. When Jacob
made sausage, though, she wouldn’t be able to
finish. He experimented with sausage fillings and
she couldn’t eat it. She was pretty and smart. On
those sausage nights, they’d always order pizza
and then sneak the whole pizza into a movie
theater where they would eat it, watch the movie,
and make out.
They knew how to levitate, also.
“We make a wonderful silhouette, Josephine.”

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  1. I think “hot to levitate” is an undiscovered indie rock group so early in its development as a band that the actual members have not yet met but their timeless music has escaped context such to the point that the name of this future success appears as occasionally as a casual reference in poetry.
    Or more likely it is a misprint of “how to levitate”. I like misprints. They have the ring of authenticity and seem quaint.

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