tiny car

tiny car
by Cerebella
tiny driving car tiny driving car
to test drive
it’s me, look into your mirror
take me swimming with you
take me swimming with you
restless energy dart your cosmic science away
change your course to an object
less animate
feed yourself to quiet.
dark thumper whickety whack
carrot chomp,
bunny hop
squeal squeal!
oh yeah, tiny lightening bolts
oh yes, grandfather clocks for eyes
oh yes,
peter. rabbit.
dog. nammit.
cotton tail. rifle
blare. swampy
floor. blinding blur.
dark matter. dark
heaven. twirl twirl
twirl twirl pirouette
split all over forever.
orange you winnie the pooh orange
you glad i study your charm with
orange you beautiful? your tongue
turned into unekite &adobe with
hawk feathers.
there’s nothing for me to say about
whatever i have it is still small on
a super dimensional scale so i now
can feel safe parading cartwheels
the sun tastes like
surfing pinatas
with happy faces
drooling into my eyes
i think because
they want to steal my irises
just enough for two sets of
two non-four eyes to split like
kiwi cheesecake.
you are sweet enough to
drizzle on top of my
kiwi cheesecake

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