The Mexican Godfather

The Mexican Godfather
by Kenneth Sibbett
Kevin was awakened by voices from another room. He was tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. His mouth tasted of blood and the feelings in his arms was gone. He desperately tried to remember how and why he was here, but his mind was playing tricks on him. He had no idea who was torturing him until the door swung open and in walked one of the most wanted men in the world. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.
Gallardo ran the most ruthless Mexican drug cartel in the world. If it was Gallardo, somehow his cover was blown and he was now in a shitload of trouble. Keven had been undercover for three years now, away from family, friends and even his own co-workers at DEA. Very few people knew he was now Jesse Callahan, who owned successful car dealerships all over the country and a man who had laundered millions of dollars for Gallardo . This was not good.
He and Gallardo had just came from a 3 day fishing trip just last week. Now, here he was, trapped in some house in the middle of nowhere with men who would just as soon cut your head off as sit down and play a game of poker with you. He had to think, what could have possibly tipped off Gallardo? Where and how did he get on the bad side of a man who had the conscience of a rattlesnake. Thinking back to the beginning, it had been a lot easier to get into the good graces of this man than one might think.
He had gotten in with some drug dealers who were small time and showed them a good time. Most of these idiots could barely tell time, much less deal drugs, but he slowly started climbing the ladder. He conducted most of his business in a place called the “Razzle Dazzle”, a strip club known to local police as a place with some small-time drug activity.They had no idea that they also ran a prostitution ring and even some some gun running. Not a nice place.
It took a year of buying drinks for scumbags and laughing at stupid jokes from jerks who thought just because they sold a few ounces of cocaine a week they were big-time, to start getting noticed by the men up the food chain. One day a well dressed, Mexican by his looks, sat down beside him and offered to buy him a drink. Someone wanted to meet him to talk some business. The Godfather himself wanted to make his acquaintance. It was time to get to work.
Gallardo had set up the first cartels in Mexico, designating who got what territory and what each boss was allowed to do, and not do. He put Arellano Felix in charge of Tijuana Cartel, Miguel Caro Quintero to lead the Sonora corridor, along with the various others across the country, with the understanding that he got a cut of everything and nothing happened without his say so. Some complained, but after he personally cut the head off of Hector Luis Palma Salazar, the leader of a large cartel based in the mid-west and sent a picture to the complainers, they quickly agreed it was a great idea.
Kevin could remember the first meeting as clear as day. He met an acquaintance he knew in Tijuana, a few miles across the U.S. border, and was driven to a small town about a 200 meters along the gulf coast. His SUV rolled around a winding dirt road and he saw one of the most opulent houses he have ever seen, anywhere. He had been all over the world, but never had saw a set-up such as this. To the naked eye, it could have very well have been a resort for tourists. But Keven was a trained agent, first with the army rangers and now with the DEA, and Keven was stunned.
The road-in was brick, built by hand and it was at least a mile long. The house was shaped like a fortune cookie in some ways. The main house in the middle, but smaller houses on each side that got smaller and smaller the farther they were from the main house. A pecking order of such was Kevin’s thinking. He knew from the time the SUV arrived around the bend that there were guns trained on him. With the ocean cliffs behind, there was no way anyone was getting in here unseen, on land anyway. The main house itself was magnificent.
It was as big as some governors mansions in the United States, without the silly looking domes. The stairs leading up to the front door were straight out of Rocky, but when he got to the top step in the 100 degree heat, he damn sure didn’t feel like dancing. He was taken into what he presumed was the main room, but who knew in a place this big. He did know there was a giant pool outside two glass double doors surrounded by beautiful women. This was a man of taste, no matter that he was a drug dealing murdering scumbag.
He was offered a chair and a glass of water, which he eagerly accepted. He was going to ask for another when a tall, slender man entered the room. He had silver-black hair, much like Clark Gable in “Gone With the Wind”. He was almost as handsome too. He had a big smile on his face, but the smile did not hide the evil that sprang from this man like a deadly viper. He had dark yes that never blinked. It was impossible to stare the man down. Keven tried, he really did, but the man literally never blinked. He could see why he was known as the “Godfather”.
Now, her his was with the scumbag himself. “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. You look terrible. I hope you are now ready to answer a few minor questions I have for you. Where is my money”? Kevin had no idea what the hell he was talking about. He didn’t have to play dumb, we was. “What money? I’ve never peeled a dollar off the top? You know damn well I’m having a hard enough time just trying to clean what you give me, why in the hell would I steal any”? “The resent shipment is short almost $300, 000 dollars” said the Mexican, “and while this is a small sum I would happily have just given to you, I cannot condone stealing. Not good for business my good man? What have you to say”?
Kevin remembered something his dad had told him one time. He said if you tell a man the truth, he can’t catch you in a lie. He looked up at the this man who had his life in his hands and said, “You’re a fucking liar. I’ve never told a dime from you or anybody else. You got money missing, it happened after it left me. You got some thief’s, you better look elsewhere, I haven’t touched a dollar that wasn’t mine, you understand. You want to fuck up a good relationship, go ahead, get it over with, but I suggest you find the real bastards who are screwing you”.
Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the Godfather with eyes that would freeze a man’s soul, stared at the man known as Jesse and broke out in a small grin. He then yelled for his men to come in and untie Kevin, who was as confused as he had ever been in his life. “Jesse, I believe you my friend. This was just a little test I give all my associates at some time during our relationship. We have to keep everyone honest, or anarchy will break out. We can’t have that, now can we? Come, have a drink with me, we have a lot to discuss”.
Two years later, Kevin personally had the pleasure of putting the handcuffs on this piece of shit. If looks could kill, Kevin would have fell over dead. But now the Godfather himself, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, was out of the drug business for good!

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    1. Thanks Cloyd. I saw the typos too, but I can’t get it back. I am the worse editor in the world. But, what can you do, at least H & H overlooked them. It won’t happen again, and thanks again~

  1. Matt, coming from you, a published writer and a friend, I am touched by you generous praise. You are truly a scholar and a gentleman! Thank you from the very bottom of heart my friend~~

  2. Thanks for coming by guys. This really means a lot. Sorry about the couple of typo’s, but again, I am a terrible editor, but I’m working hard to fix it. Maybe, if they let me come back, the next one will be perfect!
    Thanks again

  3. I am SO happy to see that you’ve finally gotten the recognition you’ve EARNED for your writing, Kenneth! This, along with so many others, is a terrific piece and I hope we will be reading much more of you here, there and everywhere:) Fan-friggin’-tastic!!!

  4. Kenny, this was great. Congratulations. I see more here – like what happened in the next two years. You seem really comfortable in this genre – keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words and thank you for stopping by. This means a lot to me. To have friends like you, who have helped me immensely, is just one of the rewards I’ve gotten from joining Open Salon.From the bottom of my heart~~

  6. Hey Scanner!
    Way to go man!
    Ah tole ya, ya kin write!!
    O’course ya cain’t spell worth a sh**t, but heck boy, it’s the idee’ahs what counts, y’know?
    Best to ya from yer Canuckian frenz……;-)

  7. Kenneth, you are a terrific story teller. I had no idea where the story was going and it was immensely satisfying when it got there. I think you’ve got a good novel or short story collection in your future!

  8. I am really pleased we – still FRed(tm) and I – found you here Ken.
    We’re pleased to see you’re The Man here too.
    Well done,you deserve the exposure. I especially liked the use of Gallardo as the Godfather. Brings back memories.
    Simon & Schuster (UK) next but remember Schuster can be a real prick sometimes.

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