Stained Felt Mat

Stained Felt Mat
by Pat A Physics
Bright felt was spread along the dashboard.  It was there so that it would not get so hot
that Bunny couldn’t steer her car.  There were mascara prints on the felt dashboard
mat from when she had to make some corrections during her beautification process.
This was part of what framed downtown.  There were other things, like the rear view
mirror and the fuzzy dice.  The fuzzy dice floated from building to building, doing a
disconnected waltz.  They danced in her peripheral vision as she navigated her way to
the pharmacy.  Swelling masses of electricity formed into honking horns of
protestation, and she ran a red light. “Afternoon, m’lady,” chimed the pharmacist
as she fumbled around in her purse.  Her contact case fell to the floor, and she bent
to get it.  She did not get far.  “Here you are, Bunny.” It was a pile of romance
standing there, handing her the case.  She couldn’t see him through her naked eyes
for they were swivelling endlessly in her paunched eyesockets.  “Oh, hi Ned,” she
chirped with a careful smile that turned to the pharmacist, who took her money away.
She waved bye-bye to the money in a strange little wave that lasted long enough for
Ned to ask what was wrong.  “I don’t know.  Everyday, it’s like I’m just trying to
make it through the night.”  She waved her hands in front of her face and sighed.
“I want to show you  something.”  And the couple sat at the blood pressure machine.
Ned was at 101/68 mmHg and Bunny was 118/73 mmHg.  Bunny was in hysterics as
the plastic lifted from her arm, and she couldn’t help feeling a thrill as Ned read
her the numbers.  His voice reminded her how crazy he really was.  They were going
to date, and then break up in front of Bunny’s dash board.  Her mat was going to
have many more stains on it, a sandwich, and also a melted cassette.

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