One among many

One among many
by Andy Psomopoulos
So devors: we subclaim praxified clanposted vultures terrasing sonatinas, cuddled costicly; sublime by some intolerable mitten-man dining as Glenn Gould: pop art rock and moxy slock, derailed Danean total sailed; sleave your mountain sudsy shales; graded shanes appointed manes; love slavingly crown, donnered flown, in dreams dear-acted dry lush flurry; perfect astromatic jury: ordain his moating-pierce-conjour-coating for holy fest-fucks in dury. A slain-contessa’s druic cure; restitute,–mute-allaiming cluster: Zinc sublime donne catacomb; redacted rust: Leoni Eko fabric trust….low-level dining total dust! Stoic Amadea, Claudian methodically glown. Prize the chocker in the reign vain. The plight unhelled if staged, watch. raged, glazed repraised…Diantically phase phrased; metamorphosic-ally grazed in cobblestone stairs coffee table mairs black painted movies and tvs; killing instinct-mazed, a la prazed. Alors je t’aime Elizabeth O’Grady…always yours. M’iconoclast, shards in cosmic fein alast; basking dearly flow en chaste..en black eternal messy love. So pure, the one and lonely oak; a pitstop slander, and racing sloak: Rhianic wine and golden age; Whyndam Lewis crooning Quebec? In aside to Yeats corrosive maides; calm callous slades. Me in my boots and Zeno: (Betty Davis nurtured Reno:) the king, Il Duce and the furor for the Nazi girlfriend’s atonal whore war…. A latter tale among the graille. And thus we sprint from Rachel home. Slink Asian lunar lore in transit. Dated Dante Aztec present; mailbox love. Trudging through what I still can do; with you: the viaduct is ours that knighted so cruel he haunts disdain to wright…total recall my frozen heart. The sweetest girl I even naught. I should of held – the only thyme she showed and felt my crime: this pure moment leaved. the chance in tender stance; let go the line; split Trojan wine. And in regret I ever won; the genealogy of demons soul: standing and smoking among the laughs, which we so freely reed the toll: or lord Dunsaney dexters owl faxed minor magus fowl crowned Ezra Pounds’ toilet bowl….

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  1. Wowsers! i’m blown away by this. I appreciated the word-craft and high-brow/low-brow mix of abstractions with concrete images brought together with the rhythm and flow of sound and rhyme. I used to have an old VHS movie of a Kurt Vonnegut book, ‘Slaughter House Five’, where the music was done by Glenn Gould. Also have a cd of Glenn Gould doing Wagner. talented guy. think he offed himself though.
    Anyways, the piece has intelligence and imagination gushing from its fountainhead like the earth conceiving with the ocean. Very good! i’ll be re-reading this and shamefully googling some of the references (since i’m not that well-read and just a blue-collar truck driver). keep submitting!

    1. much appreciated comments… after reading your very iconoclastic and astromatic verse, i’m pleased that you are turned on to a few things, and connected to what sound like some long lost eclectics burgeoning the hideaway…i will keep submitting and reading, this haggard and halloo is a nifty place!

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