Bureaucratic Blues

Bureaucratic Blues
by DIY Danna
He complains about pressing 1 for English
and lets me know the honeymoon ended
when his wife cursed him in Spanish.
She hits him on the head with a brick
from the new house of lies he’s building.
He’s says it’s food poisoning, but the truth makes him sick.
She is an illegal from Mexico, so he claims
but maybe he is geographically challenged.
Instead of divorce he wants to put her on I.C.E.
not for a little while, but forever.
The angry housewife claims to be legal.
I don’t care if she is or isn’t.
I’m the bureaucrat who places him on hold,
unable to let him know if he has a case
while his once beloved lovebird flutters about,
scared he’ll put her in the cage again.
Bird seed falls from the skyline
as he hangs up on elevator blues. I don’t care.

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