The Room

The Room
by Kimberly E Ruth
I hear her drop
like hitting water
her journey confuses
the senses our minds confused
as though we know
where she is heading
I think of directions
her directions
her orders
actions have consequences she once
while hanging a set of lace curtains.
Outside the sky turns dark
grey among the paned windows.

0 thoughts on “The Room

  1. I admired the form and simplicity of delivery skirting description and feeling ‘fleshing out’ just enough detail for our imaginations to take over and spin on our own axis atmosphere gravity and topography…
    The last lines: “Outside the sky turns dark/ grey among the paned windows.” leaves me with a forboding premonition…a coming storm, and perhaps an unfortunate ending for the poem’s character. Excellent illustration of conflict. Conflict vs. nature…or is it all just conflict within ourselves? hmm.

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