from Sound (the makers of Noise)
by Halifax

join in on life


you are what’s missing

Listen will not work for everyone
people who prefer Ignorance
or have been using Noise
for an extended period of time
may not experience the benefit of Listen

When switching from Ignorance to Listen,
without first gradually reducing dependence on Ignorance,
you may experience paranoia, delusions of insignificance,
sudden loss of motivation, and in a few cases total apathy.
Wisdom is often a side-effect of Listen. If you believe you are developing wisdom from your use of Listen, immediately stop using Listen and speak to your Sound provider. Wisdom is a serious condition that can result in needless acceptance of situations outside of your control, a lack of willingness to resist change, and an inappropriate appreciation for small gestures.
Listen may not be effective for all users
Check with your current Sound provider
to see if Listen would be right for you.

Sound: Better?

0 thoughts on “LISTEN

  1. Logo is the new Argo in this rough consumer sea of adventure we find ourselves navigating–a turbulent ocean where a corporate brand sears self-acceptance doubling as the golden ticket to Moby Dick’s traveling societal exhibition. We shake our peglegs and quest via cataracts-telescopes searching the horizons to get coverage with verizon…struggling against nature is like playing beach volleyball in the rain in back of the beer barn but maybe a harpoon to the gut is the only action which will free other trade routes to our re-awakening. It’s easy to flow with the current. Yet quite another thing in itself.
    I appreciated the ‘angle’ the writer uses here give a fresh perspective on human traits by patenting them thru trademark. Funny, imaginative, clever, and empowering! thx for sharing!

  2. I like this. It pokes at the way our world is set up. The way our world is set up should be poked at…..more often. It’s shit…not the piece… but the way we’ll all herded into this atrophy of humanity. Let us all poke as many holes as possible into it….through the holes you can see the LIGHT!

    1. Let me tell ya, this guy is a red hot poker who can play Texas Hold-em Poker and barbeque the whole world in one sinister shishkabob skewering the complacency out of status quo America in one fell swoop with an artistic blitzkrieg of poetry, paintings, and sauerkraut dropped from a go-cart mini-plane.

      1. I make okay chili. My secret ingredient is Wolf Brand (from the can).
        Quasi, you did give me a potent visual of an atrophied humanity being perforated to make a decent grill over poetic truth like lit propane radiating heat and light. Too bad all I brought to the cook out is wieners and ground Chuck. Did you grab the buns like I asked?

        1. Yes, i got a Bunomatic. i like the Wolf Brand from a can very much. i think the whole of atrophied humanity could win a trophy just on chili consumption with secret ingredient. Poetic truth abounds, even from those who have no Poetic License or revoked or learned on dirt roads. Ground chuck wieners is the schnitzel. i want to go to the Coffee Hot Dog Studio to cleanse my perforation and learn art ettiquete and stuff.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. This one took a long time to foment. I had a title and the closer for well over a year rattling around in my brain. That it was received well by some readers made me smile. It’s appreciated that you like it and took time to say so.

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