11 AM, July 30

11 AM, July 30
by Dan Raphael
someone is yelling,    sneezing,    driving,    walking the dog,
just getting out of bed,    making a second cup of coffee,    wiping the forehead’s sweat,
lifting the cat from the lap and taking the clothes out of the washer to the dryer,
putting on lipstick, unpacking the food from the farmers market,   wrestling with a cousin,
wringing out the rags from washing the car,    delivering the mail, typing,    beginning yoga class,
thinking abut whats for dinner,    hearing a strange noise from next door,
seeing the sun blare through the clouds,    backing out of the driveway,
deciding which of the 20 things on the to do list comes first,
falling,     reaching for something on the top shelf,     feeling a sticky spot on the kitchen floor,
turning on the radio,    looking out the window at all the green life in the yard

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