by Jennifer Kronovet
There is culture
and there is The Culture
of a place making you
friendly, wearing your
sense on your sleeve.
Here, on the page, we
always want to talk
about beauty. Out there—
out the window—we leave
a mattress in an empty lot.
Don’t make me find you
beautiful. I say that
to the ocean. It keeps
giving itself away
like the girl I was in HS.
The internal culture shifts
too slowly to see like mold
grows. I have become
myself again. Again,
the sensible sand.

0 thoughts on “Maine

  1. Out in natures culture
    beside the one we made
    animals use aposmatism
    to tell all the threats
    it is more threatening.
    Our culture, the defense,
    went out and finds beauty
    ignoring thorns for flowers
    wolves for puppies
    snakes for their knowledge
    to strangle the stem
    in slender vases
    train the puppies to turn
    on their own packs
    and crush the vipers
    under our heels for fear
    that what has beauty
    should outshine ours
    Our culture defines beauty
    as anything worth killing
    to hold there for a while
    in that place where awareness
    has exposed our naked nature

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