The Amusement of Electrocuted Skeletons

The Amusement of Electrocuted Skeletons
– the disambiguation of ELECTRONICA
by Sarah Gamutan
From that powerful performance that electrified
The audience, we see the elements of
Instruments. Puce images and ebullience of
Long fretted necks. Skeletons eavesdrop on walls
Which unceasingly throb. Dark lips, circle under
The eyes and with string- fretted necks,
They listen under electrochemistry.
They yearn to hear their music behind the wall
Just like Pyramus and Thisbe’s. The wall was elegiac
But frolicsome, their beat is sick like Mozart’s corpse.
The neighborhood notices the eccentricity of the
Pounding on the walls and electroacoustics which
Flowed on the static capillaries on their dead souls;
That nighttime attire with agile intellect,
They elate their own music-their emotional
Outlet. Elementary particles on their mind will
Still disturb the neighborhood who
Dislikes electrophysiology. The techno,
Drum and bass are hyperventilating;
The danceable grooves of their headphones-
The musical vibe they want us to succumb-
These skeletons long that we enjoy their
Performance; yet, the neighborhood considers
It disturbance of decibels. The nightlife they
Spend on making us convicted,
The melody of their pop and rock
Sounds will be a melody to us the neighborhood.

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