Novels to Read When You’re Broke

A Selection of Great Novels to Read When You’re Broke
Unless you happen to have a trust fund that’s paying for your nicely renovated loft, then being broke is something of an occupational hazard when you’re living in a city like NYC. But if, like us, you’re trapped in a constant cycle of wondering exactly how you’re going to meet this month’s rent, then rejoice — you can always look to the world of literature to find someone who’s worse off than you! In all seriousness, though, there have been some truly magnificent novels written about the penury and deprivation that can arise in allegedly first-world societies, books that are crushingly depressing but also with a lot to teach about the way our world treats those who have less than we do. Here are some of our favorites.
George Orwell – Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Down and Out in Paris and London is the obvious choice here, but at least there’s a vague modicum of romance in Orwell’s adventures as a plongeur and, um, a tramp. There’s no such thing in Keep the Aspidistra Flying, only a dismal inexorability to everything that befalls aspiring poet and main protagonist Gordon Comstock. Even when he manages to get his hands on some cash, he makes a mess of things by drinking it all away — and eventually, the result is that either he compromises what he perceives to be his principles by returning to suit-wearing dronedom, or he starves to death. Cheery, eh?
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