Sexual (-ly) Organ (-ized)

Sexual (-ly) Organ (-ized)
by Peter Grzywacz
Señorita Papaya and Mr. Cucumber
go jackhopping the June Blitz.
While old Mrs. Melons and Granny Pear
sit in the corner shlicking the shoelipper down. Then,
young boy banana
slides across the floor
and drops his grapes.
¨Holy cranberries!¨
yells the grandpa of the Plum family
before calling the ambulance.
Miss gum-on-the-sidewalk
turns to Dr. Plantain and
coquetly asks, ¨Is this normal for my age?¨
¨Prolongingly, it falls me well.¨
¨¡What?¨ asks her mother, Cantaloupe Slopes, jealously perked,
when Freddy´s wild uncle breaks the door in and yells:
¨Things are gonna get fruity!¨
¨Ah good, Uncle Chestnuts,¨says the doctor seeing his escape.

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