Junk Delimma

Junk Delimma
by Sera Onyx Phim
clench your teeth until they shatter
bawl up you fists like it’s St. Patty’s Day
and you’re at a bar close to beer thirty
dislocate yourself back to the womb;
the safest place you’ve ever been
whatever it takes; you bear it
try and pry your eyes away
from the cool metal sliding under your skin
from the red specks creeping forward
in a liquid death march to salvation
it is almost impossible
in your wavering oblivion
to listen beyond the ocean of the body’s
most tightly kept secret
that she leaves so close to the surface
it is invisible in its obviousness
let your mind float away
ignore the pieces of bone
sinking alongside you
they are useless here
they have always been
but your enlightenment will
forever remind you of the serenity
only pain can bring

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