by Julian DeWees
broke the gin spilling you over the floor
made a mess and lost the job
she rang you up an hour later
eye sockets POUNDING!!
eardrums listening
to her
she speaks softly to you
you nod your head
she can’t see you
she can sense it
receiver down with a cling
alarm clock blinking 12:00
been that way since purchased
work clothes still on
boots still on
grab the keys
shut off the lights
step outside
lock the door
walking in the snow
till the miles mark
you find her there
seeing breath
floating in headlights
cars passing by
horns occasionally sounding
your heart is pounding
you want to cry
and she hugs you
you feel secure
you feel again
breath in
breath out
a little breathless
you didn’t catch it
she does not repeat it
you will never know
she will never tell

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