Building and Earthquake

Building and Earthquake
by Jane Hirshfield
How easy it is for a dream to construct
both building and earthquake.
Also the nine flights of wooden stairs in the dark,
and the trembling horse, its hard breathing
loud in the sudden after-silence and starlight.
This time the dream allows the building to stand.
Something it takes the dreamer a long time to notice,
who thought that the fear was the meaning
when being able to feel the fear was the meaning.

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  1. Destruction is sometimes a blessing compared to the frightening possibility of what to do with creation. Dream poems are so wonderful, compelling, and scary. It’s a hardline tapped straight into our fears and hopes. mmm. What a shame that so often we ‘shake off’ our dream experiences when we wake. But then there are the dreams which stay with us no matter what.
    thx for sharing!

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