by Dan Raphael
“The oxygen around us must be killed” -Rudolph Steiner
we walked places that were underwater several hours later.
other places we could see but never get to, like standing where the continents moved apart
when a childhood friend and all his family’s stuff went into a truck and vanished
what came first the screw or the screwdriver
cars had been ready for almost a year before the first person got behind the wheel & drove.
in a week all the cars had drivers,
many of whom left their families and were confused by mirrors.
the problem with great places—like Denali or the Sphinx—is they don’t move.
seeing isn’t being there. even blind people can be somewhere sensing more of the coordinates
light doesn’t care bout maps, gets down to shadow & moisture, hunger & frequency.
too much information and i’m not sure which language is mine
bread can be crumbs cubes unsliced afire soaked until it forgets
left in the dark for a month and think its just tomorrow.
how many foods have houses been made from
giant zucchini hollowed, hardened & bound into rafts
those days i had to walk 4 miles every morning to bring myself home
since i wasnt sleeping together
tomorrow the map has one less column
the skys so close I can read the suns logo, halfway between egyptian & sanskrit
puffy in places & runny in others—no ones been able to duplicate it.
if they did the logo would burn or mutate whoever touched it
we’d have to send all those logos into space so fast the rockets couldn’t stop
planting beautiful flowers and grasses in countries they’ve never heard of.
my parents used to say i wasn’t born but found clinging to the side of an ohio river barge.
i cant swim underwater—when my eyes open so does my mouth

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  1. Great read! I love that language which alludes. Many times in life i think it’s easy to become inundated with so much info and/or emotion that our cerebral processing shuts down and what is left is feeling and impression.
    ‘Underwater’ is an awesome title giving life to this wishy-washy mindset floating this way and that…which is not to say that it’s ‘lower’ or ‘higher’–just unordinary (for most). I think we all sort of go in and out of perspective removing ourselves from the rigmarole mundane, or even the insanely exciting, to take time out from that assembly line called ‘LIFE’.
    thx for the trip! i feel like a snorkeler now!

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