Occupy WS – Austin, TX starts Oct. 6th

Occupy Austin
The strength of Occupy Wall Street lies in the ambiguity of its mission. There is no laundry list of specific, unreasonable, and untenable demands. There is only the demand for change. Change of, by, and for the people, enacted by our elected officials. If the powers-that-be respond with absolutely nothing, then it is clear that they will never, ever be interested in effecting substantial change of our financial system, no matter how strong public support may be.
Occupy Austin will be held on October 6th, 2011 @ City Hall @ 10am. General Assembly will be at 3PM. Occupation will continue from there.
Austin City Hall
301 W. Second Street
Austin, TX
“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who occupy Wall Street and occupy around the world. We are dedicated to non-violently reclaiming control of our governments from the financial interests that have corrupted them. We demand that our public servants recognize that the people are the supreme authority.” ~Occupy Austin General Assembly
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Can’t make it? That’s okay, just make a donation here.
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0 thoughts on “Occupy WS – Austin, TX starts Oct. 6th

  1. The Occupy effort has a lack of focus. Without a single goal to combine the effort, I believe it will ultimately fail to achieve anything.
    However, that does not mean I won’t participate. I will choose what it means to me and hopefully find commonality within the Occupation enough that I don’t get ostracized by the group.
    For myself, the Occupy effort represents a rejection of state-sponsored Corporatism. As I understand it, state-sponsored Corporatism is ideologically identical to Fascism. Fascism in America violates the sovereignty of the United States and is a corrosive agent to the Democratic process. State-sponsored Corporatism actively undermines the Republic I have sworn allegiance to and I see the current sponsorship of corporations as an attack on my citizenship.
    The State (my United States) took on sponsorship of multiple Corporations through the use of T.A.R.P, the Supreme Court ruling that granted the same rights and protections as citizens to Corporations, and through the long-standing practice of Corporate subsidies.
    The Occupation, as I understand it, represents a rejection of State-sponsored Corporatism and is a reminder that Citizenship is a right of the Individual.
    If I am wrong~ well, it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s what I think is going on and why I support the Occupy effort.

    1. I think your feeling is the same of the protesters: “The Occupy effort represents a rejection of state-sponsored Corporatism”. Overall, we’re a generation that lacks direction, leadership and focus so I’m surprised it has gone this far. At least we / they are standing up. It’s a great start if nothing else.

  2. Well, one day the United States will see what is passing their homes. Sure somebody signed the Magna Carta quite a few centuries ago and later we established democracy, but that does not prevent the existence of Kings and Queens.
    The United States is pretty clean cut compared to Central and South Americas. They swipe a mil pesos every month from my friend´s social security account. He knows it´s going straight to the government. Casinos run by Zetas are obviously banks for politics. Something went bad last month and one of them burned down. Shit hit the fan.
    All I´m saying, is if the United States of America is going to do something, they should do it now while policemen don´t take bribes and rape people when they break up rallies.
    This is what you get when people get accustomed to corruption, chi cha:

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