Oil Change

Oil Change
by Dirk Michener
The way I got rich is not that important.  The thing that is important is that my wealth allows me to get an oil change for my car every day.  The kind of car I drive is not important.  What is important here are the oil changes.
At first, the guy at the shop was like “Dude, you were just in here yesterday” and I said, “If you won’t change the oil in my car I’ll take my business elsewhere”, and being a wise businessperson such as he was he accepted my business.  After a while I noticed I had become the butt of a joke up at the shop.  So I took my business elsewhere.
It is not difficult to project the outcome here.  The toll this can take on a person’s life.  Eventually I had to start driving out of town.  Lost my wife, my friends.  All of my time driving to get oil changes.  It is not difficult to see the metaphorical brick wall here.  A man runs out of money, out of strength, lives on the street, fends for his life, exposed to the elements.  His mind frayed and disheveled from rationalizing his existence.  His ego destroyed by perpetual humbleness.  Crying out for salvation in his foggy stupor.  On his knees weeping, gnashing his teeth in anguish.  Alone in the darkness, disgusted in misery.  An enormous wall growing ever taller between him and his desires.

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