Ame Noire

Ame Noire – Modified Sonnenizio on a line from Leo Marks
by Brandon S. Roy
Yet death will be but a pause.
I locked myself in a cardboard box.
This is natural. I was focused on a
glass eye and birthday cake. I’ve lived
in a city with more graves than homes.
Cement crumbs embedded in the bottom of
my shoes is proof of a hard life as a prince.
Overlapping piano riffs thanking the ears of
those lucky enough to recognize angels being
painted on the wind. Identify the fire that
recovers the spirit of an innovative land covered in reality.
Tablecloths damaged by stars, repaired by children
hands and enjoyed by the idle eyes of lovers.
If I drink you I can identify your nature.

0 thoughts on “Ame Noire

  1. I like the last line too, but not much else is jumping up at me. You have some fine lines in here, but for some reason they don’t seem to fit, but that’s probably just me. PS: Nice to see someone writing sonnets.

    1. what exactly constitutes a sonnet? i guess i can look it up but i’d rather see your definition. if this is a sonnet, consider my mind changed about my prior ideas of what sonnets are. i just thought it was a damn good surreal painting-poem…the ones that grab my attention the most. in such a lovely good soothing way.

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