Hemingway letters to be released against his wishes.

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway. The first volume, covering the years 1907 to 1922, to be released by Cambridge University Press.
The younger Hemingway has given his blessing to the project, which seeks to collect and publish as many of the writer’s surviving letters as it can find. An editorial team led by Sandra Spanier, a professor of English at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, has spent a decade scouring the world for Hemingway correspondence. She and Robert W. Trogdon, a professor of English at Kent State University, edited the first volume. The work is expected to run to at least 16 volumes, maybe more, and to take 20 years to complete.
The publication comes at a time when literary scholars are taking a fresh look at Hemingway’s work, and challenging the conclusions drawn by their colleagues a few decades ago. The letters are likely to further that project, as well as alter Hemingway’s image in the popular imagination.
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