Sex Like Space

Sex Like Space
By Beth Cortez-Neavel
I am floating in a constant orgasm
I am come, and
I am going insane.
I am on the edge of every seat and
am the hand shifting every throttle and
am full speed ahead and
I am space jumping inside my own skin.
Stars upon Stars upon Stars.
Gravity is my ex-lover.
I am floating in a constant orgasm.

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  1. It’s good to see lovemaking beautified from the mystic-dervish point of view. The analogy to space is intriguing. Reminds me of an Incubus song– ‘Stellar’. I also appreciated the ‘Trekkie’ plug in line 12–[Picard: {‘Warp 7’–“Engage!”}. lol.
    i actually did see this B space movie called ‘Supernova’ with Lou Diamond Phillips and Robin Tunney where they make love in the anti-gravity chamber that had oxygen and was made up of heavy windows, i guess, where they could see space. Anyways, they were making love floating. Pretty cool.
    Thx for sharing!

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