The Show

The Show
by Halifax
teething on tethers
It occurred again
in a rerun of a previous episode
seen once in “Scarsdale P.I.”
The plot was thin
the characters flat
the laugh track out of synch
with lurching dialogue
supported by the familiar
It occurred to me
how much better it could be
how much better other shows
had been in the past
and what I would change
to improve it
like cancel it
replace it with something better
It occurred that day
within the context of that show
that this manufactured experience
was tying me down,
one link in a chain
holding my attention
in a stranglehold
making my eyes bug out
and restricting my airway
It occurred only for an instant
then the instant was past
that all the shows are like that
and nothing measures up
to my expectations
The weakest examples
reveal the fragile absurdity
and serve as points of departure
ready to be sloughed off
should I choose nothing
but to entertain myself
Bored before beginning the option
wholly being audience, host, and script
a linked trinity inside myself
as empty in depth as any show
but without the option of escape
I bared a belly laugh
out of synch with the laugh track
and finally got the show
There is nothing better now
and I am firmly held in place
wondering what will happen next
the rerun a playful jab
at the shallowness of life
making light the heavy burden
of perceived connections
attaching my life to meaning
It has nothing to do with me.

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  1. I’m amazed every time i read a new piece by this poet on how well he is able to capture the essence of a thing and transcribe that into human psychology. ‘Capture’ is even probably the wrong way to describe it–most likely he sets his subject free and it comes back to him and it is truly his. Now whether he does this in a candlelit cave next to a waterfall in the forest i do not
    I’m also taken aback by the prowess of Mr. Halifax’s ability to skirt direct communication (the literal description of a thing) with the impressionistic figurative language necessary for a reader to really get the feeling of the author’s understanding and hence to launch off their own diving board.
    Loved the hidden ‘drag-message’ last stanza here, sir: “the rerun a playful jab at the shallowness of life making light the heavy burden
    of perceived connections attaching my life to meaning It has nothing to do with me.”
    I think the theme here is merely the individual struggle to find relevance within the context of a group–specifically in this case television shows. So often we feel our needs are not being met by our leisure activities/movies/sitcoms. What are our needs, or wants? Do we want to be entertained? inspired? Do we want our lonliness to go away thru some acted out lesson that we are all the same and hold so much in common? Often there is something very very minute we desire, spiritually even, that just cannot be found in whatever dvd, netflix, redbox, video store, NBC, CBS, cable show satelite program with 1001 channels confounding our selection process. So in the end, many times, we stop looking and just accept whatever closest alternative we may find for what it is. When that happens, perhaps we do find a peace within ourselves by realizing that it’s within ourselves that we must look afterall…not outside of ourselves–though a prompt can be useful especially when we are so inundated with the rigmarole mundane of our lives sometimes–how do we excite and reenergize our lives? Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is… we must figure that out on our own.
    These are just some of the ideas i came up with in 2-3 readings of this poem. Great read!
    And I’ll also say that I’m very impressed by how this particular House Writer Poet not only submits his work but GIVES BACK by providing feedback to other poets, newcomers and peers alike. I think if a House Writer is published often, it’s the mark of a true ‘Contributing Writer’ to share thoughts and add to existing forums of another’s work. A comment does not have to be a ‘writing critique’ as may be given in a creative writing class, though it can be. All that’s really needed is just the basic simple thoughts or impressions one gets upon reading a piece–then further extrapolation or forum may follow. This author does that superbly and i’d like to nominate him as the Commentor of 2011! Great job! You’re a credit and blessing to H & H and i appreciate your hard work!

  2. My candle went out after it burned down the forest. I wasted the falls trying to put it out. Now I sit in a comfortable suburban drywall of brick facade with tile floors throughout. I only lite candles when I’m feeling sentimental for the sound of rushing water and the slow accretion of stalagmite tumescence.
    (I deflect your +3 Maul of Appreciation and take an Attack of Opportunity on the Troglodyte ruminations toward my muse with a Sphere of Bemused Ironic Detachment)…
    I’d need to put in more man hours typing responses to other poets in order to accept your nomination. I got other crap to do. Sorry.
    Your analysis of the poem I wrote is spot on with my intention. I appreciate your having read it and commenting such soothing prose on the growing list of my accepted submissions to H&H. However, I am fiercely allergic to laurel. Makes me chaff. So now I need to write some more….it’s my calamine lotion.

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