Stuff of Earth

Stuff of Earth
by Pat A Physics
Stuff of earth creating free basements in which to improvise
movements of practical application.  There is a good time to be had.
Has the mood changed? Can we derive a measurement somehow?
It settles among other interactions with human beings. I’m told no.
Imperative phrase bearing a whispering undercurrent that compels
one to commit a contrary act. Betrayal of animal instincts,
repetition, self-mutilation, cognition, epithets screamed atop buildings,
strident oppositions, shirking duty in favor of idle wandering.
When Mrs. Chinafairy whistles the anthem to bring us back to the basement,
she never thought of it as an organic process.  Can you grow comic books?
Is chivalry an endothermic lunchbox?  I know because I sat there
below her sewing station.  Little black pools of doubt were mopped up
with her glitching patterns of fabric.  She told me to soak my head.
I gave her the finger and left on my bicycle.  We can’t speak at our normal volume.
Screaming is normal, only without the yelling.  You know, it happens outside,
especially with all the aircraft in the air these days.

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