Some days

Some days
by Vicky Ward

Some days I’m scared of everything,
Nicotine, caffeine, I lie awake all night,
Sleep all day. Some days
An elephant stamps on my chest
Kicks me into space, I’m spinning,
Nothing under foot, nothing to grasp.
Some days I make a mission, I remember
Something someone told me, some days
I remember the someone and forget the thing.
Some days I’m in the bubble, where it’s safe,
Everything’s real. Some days
I’m scared I’ll switch the light on
There’ll be nothing in sight, I can’t
Imagine the world without a floor.
Some days I hit the surface of the bubble,
Brain, imploding, mushing together,
Somehow it pops out again, in some shape.
Some days I care, when it rains heavy
Empty noodle packets float twenty meters deep underwater,
Some days I don’t, I’ve never understood
Colour blindness, I don’t know where
A helium balloon goes when it’s let go,
Some days I want to know,
Some days I don’t.

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  1. i relate to this, like a lot. welcome to h&h. isn’t delirium beautiful and radiantly ugly and vehemently ambivalent? i hope you could relate to my poems, too, because i really feel yours. the two that’ve been up

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