a plate of thanks giving thought

a plate of thanks giving thought
by Charles Andrew
now get you down the road toward a hall of memories
a corridor or two of recollections of daunting tasks
unsuspected dazes planned charity drives or crazes
even said phases of retention effort and success in a
single place still married to a quiet time of recess
with excess with extra with more and more
so yes let us give thanks and let us praise
the razing of the barn the phatic function of language
neighboring the tent designed for accommodation
that may be being an illusion an ill-fated scion or not
the wine that they served did so work its purpose
its for-profit fit all of emic cries currents thrushes
flagellation in frigid climes together with limitations
where brains may melt where minds may bulge
this delirium is self-induced they say so not me
they yes them they yes them they yes them
the brine we swim in was theirs
we salted nothing mal-altered much less
i am indeed grateful to have been able to keep this
much of the fruit of the apple of the apparatus to
possess despite everything that I do and enough to

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