Our Foreman at Blanco Tavern

Our Foreman at Blanco Tavern
by James H Duncan
you know when you drink and start promising shit?
like getting engaged or driving friends to El Paso?
there’s a reason why Lone Star is only a dollar a bottle
and that Dos XX is on special in almost every bar;
it keeps things moving, keeps the gears greased and
the bored from getting lazy trigger fingers, at least
that’s the general idea, but when a rookie
bartender spends all of his time in the corner chatting up
the young couple that everyone knows doesn’t belong,
ignoring all those empties around the counter, well
it doesn’t help things much, and you can almost hear
the grinding halt of the world as the regular with the
glass eye stabs the bar-top with his 8-inch boot blade
and demands a round for everyone but the nice
young couple in the corner…that guy with the glass eye?
he’s kinda like that foreman everyone trusts to keep
things moving but stays the hell off your back, so long
as you don’t stand around throwing wrenches into the works

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