Dirty Drink

Dirty Drink
by Pat A Physics
Everyone was shouting for me to ride the pony, but I was too
busy with my new found elixir. I had handed all of my money
to this small Asian princess and had been handed a crystal cup
of slinky a-dult-juice. The sound coming from the speakers was
rapid fire talk. The subject discussed at high volume was quite
ominous, indeed. Issuing orders about what we can do with
certain body parts before the night is over, and talk about the
party never coming to a close. The thought worried me. Often,
I’m confronted with issues concerning infinity. Sometimes,
boundlessness brightens my day and is even inspiring to a degree.
Tonight, however, is different. My drink, on its doily, my head
on a shoulder, my eyes, blinking in the laser light, the crowd,
thinking about the never-ending party- it was all too much.
Slightly upset, I used someone’s telephone to call a former
co-worker. Hello? Who? Do you know what time it is? Now
is not a good time. Now is not a good time. Good-bye.

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