New poetry app in the works via Kickstarter.

iheart poetics is an iPhone app for creating and sharing interactive visual poems that merge text and imagery as one.
Take a picture, and then write anything you feel, whether a poem, one word or a caption Or start with text and add an image later. iheart poetics is flexible and saves your work as you create.
Share and build an ongoing love note with your partner, an evolving joke about a day in the life, or write a poetry book together…the possibilities are endless. And you can always share poetics as an image via email, MMS, Twitter, and Facebook.
The iheart poetics app opens up the poetics form and usage to the world-at-large; it will also serve as an essential creative and research tool by which the project can continue to develop concepts of mutable text, conceptual writing, and bookmaking in the 21st century.
The project needs your support to make it happen – once the $19,000 funding is achieved you will be one of the first to receive the app and added rewards at your pledge level.
Please remember Kickstarter is all or nothing…to achieve funding, the goal has to be reached. Show your support, adopt early and bring poetics into your world.
Go here for more info.

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