Vonnegut's son disputes new Bio.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Son Disputes New Biography
Kurt Vonnegut finally got his first major biography recently, and so far everybody who’s reviewed it has been shocked by one thing: just how bitter Vonnegut was, in his last years. Biographer Charles Shields spent a lot of time with Vonnegut while working on And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life.
And by all accounts a portrait emerges of a man who’s still angry at his first wife, still struggling with old traumas, and still feeling as though nobody appreciates his life’s work. It’s a very different Vonnegut than the sweet, humorous person we glimpse in his work. Update: We received an email from Mark Vonnegut. See below.
As Vonnegut’s friend John Casey tells the Daily Prospect:
I think it’s a valuable book… Any Vonnegut fan is going to love it, and probably read it with a kind of sinking feeling of how this wonderful writer kept thinking he was a failure. I mean, both early on, when he wasn’t selling and was classified as this science fiction hack, and then even later, when he was so much more filled with self-doubt than I knew.
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  1. This biographer is so off target with what he is saying. I absolutely agree with Kurt’s son Mark. I too saw Kurt a few months before his death and he was nothing as this man describes. I can only conclude that Kurt did not like the man… In fact, I wrote an article about meeting with Kurt for a Californian paper and here it is below.
    published in 2007!

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