Vomiting Jesus

Vomiting Jesus
by Joshua Lew McDermott
My Blood Brain Barrier
Roll Down the Damn Window!
I’m Retching up and need the Air.
The Dark Night of the Esophagus
Couch fevers – take off my shirt – sipping chlorine
thousand yard stare of suffering.
“I’m sick. I’m sick. I’m sick.”
Wipe my lips of Lemon Lime with water rag,
endorphin opining! Feel Much
Better for now – sip sip. sip.
Haven’t been like this since I forget-
postoperative nausea
the wine spins
egg rolls and cheese cake.
Vomiting – the truer side of life.
The closest I come to Die.
Clear. Shine. No
inside. The World to Bare – Bare to the world.
Sweat upon my brow.
As cruci-fried as Christ
and just as ready to believe.

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