Imperfect Tenses

Imperfect Tenses
by Ankur Shrivastava
Strange emptiness. Stillness in air.
Exhaust sound. Sucking life-force.
Desk calendar. Wrong month.
Dusty plastic rose. Illegible memories.
Wall clock. Cheap Christmas star.
Swinging pendulum. Etching scars.
Dirty carpet. Chaotic pattern.
Half footprint. Indelible mark.
Glass window. Twilight haze.
Random sparrows. Yet mockingbirds.
Distant skyline. August clouds.
Abandoned structure. Dream on.
Flickering neon. Traffic-jam horns.
Silent heartbeat. Muted gloom.

0 thoughts on “Imperfect Tenses

  1. Everything zen–i don’t think so. Kinda like a wood grain, a feeling casts an aura that goes catty-wompus and thud into that harmonious balance of joyful faith love hope impaled upon the stake of reality. Disconcertedness can be very tranquil–calmer than the peace of death which it mirrors.
    i appreciated the couplets structure here and the telegraph style description of imagery–it embodies the lackluster because that’s the mood of the poet–excellently conveyed.
    On another note, i hope you find a way out of this melancholia–perhaps the mere writing/expressing of these feelings can help one out of the abyss. thanks for sharing. i hear ya bro!

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