horchata in the shade

horchata in the shade
by Oscar Smiles
pile it on was the proposition
just a mile from a pop. 2 town
way up north near canada
2nd time ever in a blizzard
the other was in tx., believe
it or not, neutral was got,
sleep was all to hell shot
and the inclination as lucky
as a pot, smoke some, of gold
just a mile, maybe more from sumland
who’s that, your friend if ya want
swung from a vine, a rope, into the lagoon
what’s that, your destination if ya want
a wooden raft a tad far for a lazy smoker
but i made it, we heard later on that someone
was down there alone and got attacked
by a swarm of mosqitoes, hope he’s o.k.
it’s starting again, things are bonding
light bends and your children not yet born
piling up was proceeded by prepositions
on stand-by no lack of, to which i do done
signed like a contract is why you’ve yet to hear
we had a 1/4 pipe on the porch
back and forth, in and out
white cat painted pink ring on tail
dog chelsea clocked at 30 m.p.h.
day of execution coming up
the city grows round you, unable to view
spray paint art coryboy on 15×10 illustration board
2 lasses from the cavern, augustine & elle
makin out like a dallas summer day in hell
actually in july, one blonde one brunette
drunk and high, suave, brews filling the net
love this town but it’s time, 2 pts. freethrow
libertine, the quills, on the the fridge, magnet reminder
prozac, clonazepam, none for me, thanks
bungalow, minivan, combo for me, thanks
shoulder strap hang off, pirate-skull headband
split it guf, eyes like seashells, hotter’n dallas
on my wall, just below an icicle christmas tree
sock hop christmas and a futuristic city, r. harkon
packed my bags bluntly llike a love torn soldier
although i’m inactive on stand-by, no pack, no stay
no way, no sound, no resignation, all the way
we got loaded like we had some balls
we were loaded, invaded all the walls
horchata ice cube cold, they mingle, dangle
smoke more rooftop dreams, clay shingles
resist, esp, especially t.c.b., representation square
stumblin round like a raw overtone, everything you own
busy thin lizzy or crutched growin dizzy, incognitant
and i never fight temptation in a sinful symphony
sought out by the rights of a testimonial cacophony
i’d love to come to, i won’t cry, horchata in the shade

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