King Arthur resting place found?

Scottish stone holds key to Holy Grail of Arthurian legend, claims historian
KING Arthur could be buried in the Scottish Borders, according to an amateur historian.
Literary archaeologist Damian Bullen, 35, says the famous 5th century king’s grave stone is in Scotland, not Glastonbury as tradition holds, and that he can prove it.
According to the Edinburgh-based history-fan, the Yarrow Stone, discovered by farmers near the Borders town of Selkirk 400 years ago, marks the mythical king’s last place of rest.
He claims a Latin inscription on the stone holds the key to the identity of those buried below it.
And he believes a nearby lake could hold the king’s infamous weapon, Excalibur.
Mr Bullen believes monks at Glastonbury spread the rumour King Arthur was buried in Somerset to save their abbey from financial ruin.
Mr Bullen said: “When we strip away the mediaeval romancing of our legendary king, we are left with genuine nuggets of historicity. One of them is the stone at Yarrow which I am convinced is his grave marker.”
Legend tells that Arthur was fatally wounded in a battle against his illegitimate son Mordred during the Battle of Camlann.
Mr Bullen says Camlann means “crooked glen”, which he says is “a perfect match” for the river bends in Yarrow Valley.
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