Spiritual Hush

Spiritual Hush
by Gene Defcon
Jealousy congeals within the stable
Swifter, surer-footed, and more worthy
Specimens paw the brittle earth
Pointed huffs and neighs zing
Like daggers towards the favorite
Donner menaces
Leers in his direction
Rudolph unsuccessfully strains
To conceal the ridiculous glow
Blitzen rears and threatens
The tension crests
Starts to shatter
But then…
The stable door opens
A jolly round figure appears silhouetted against the light
A spiritual hush falls over the room

0 thoughts on “Spiritual Hush

  1. Vice personified in reindeer–some might call it ‘healthy competition’. It’s hard to discern the way we should be sometimes between virtue and practical survival skills. A self-actualized figure stepping onto the scene does truly lend his aura–a spiritual hush indeed! Only Santa can defeat Satan. Get em’ Rudolph! Cute piece. thx!

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